Our programmes

Finishing School for Teachers

FST programme is designed to refine and provide cutting edge finesse to the trained teachers. It helps in the smooth transition of a student teacher to a full- fledged teacher to face the classroom with confidence. This course is not a replica of what is learnt in the B.Ed. College but complements it. The course is enriched with supplementary materials and information empowering the teachers with necessary skills and attitudes. 

Objectives of the Programme: 

  • The objective behind Finishing school for teachers is to kindle the boundless creative    potential of teachers and individuals by providing the excitement to:
  • develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to being a strategic planner 
  • realize significance and the urgency of creative teaching-learning in the modern world 
  • appreciate learning to unlearn and relearn and apply new knowledge and skills developed
  • evaluate pedagogy expertise and enhance skills to develop domain expertise 
  • design and implement creative teaching plans 
  • evolve into collaborative team players and reflective leaders 
  • commit to self-development and growth 
  • judge the need to be knowledge creators and innovators 

School Development Programme (Govt School)

The major objective of the intervention was to reduce the dropout rates and increase the pass percentage of 10th grade students. Other than these objectives mentoring, improving the English Language of students, providing teacher training, conducting co-curricular activities at the school were also included.

Objectives of the project: 

  • Ensure zero dropout rates.
  • Increase of co-scholastic activities in the school by organizing more competitions and also by developing the sports facilities.
  • Equip principals and teachers through training and professional development activities.
  • Ensure academic achievement in grade 10 by increasing the pass percentage in board examinations.
  • Design and implement model classrooms for pre-primary.
  • Enhance the school teaching learning infrastructure (library, laboratory, computer laboratory, science laboratory, math lab etc.)

Teacher Development Programme

The professional development programme helps teachers to generate innovative ideas and implement them in the classroom. 

Objectives of the project: 

  • Encourages teachers to reflect on and take greater responsibility for their teaching as well as become more innovative in their classroom practice. 
  • Encourage teachers to transform their classroom practice, raising the quality of teaching and learning in their school.
  • Developing professional knowledge, professional practice, and value orientation among the in-service teachers. 
  • Reflecting on the needs of 21st-century skills and their effective implementation.

Student Development Programme

Need of the program: Every human being is designed for success: if anyone fails it is a tragedy that the potential was not realized. It is necessary to kindle and provoke the abundant talent that lies dormant by appropriate tools, so that the effectiveness of the person takes a quantum leap. Academy for Creative Teaching has designed a set of effective tools that would harness and stimulate the latent potentialities. 

The Aim:

The aim of the student training programme is to convert potentiality in every young person into reality. ACT offers Life-Skills training programme and English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP). 

The English Language Improvement Programme (ELIP) includes improving spoken English, developing Reading, Writing skills, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

The life-Skills training aims to develop creative, value-oriented and emotionally intelligent leaders for society. The training is conducted on communication skills, creativity, thinking skills, problem-solving, attitude & values development and leadership skills.

Anganwadi Development Programme

The aim of this programme is to ensure Anganwadi teachers understand the various aspects of Early Childhood Care and Education. Build effective partnerships with parents and the community for the development of children. and train the teachers to create the teaching learning materials.

A number of studies during the last decade have shown the fundamental role of early life experiences on the development of cognitive skills, the improvement of education performance and the increase of life chances (Heckman, 2008).

The Programme aims to:

  • Enhance professional knowledge, professional skills, and value disposition among the Anganwadi teachers.
  • Empower Anganwadi teachers in self-development and professional skills.
  • Empower Anganwadi teachers to execute activity-based learning. 
  • Train the teachers to create the teaching learning materials.
  • Ensure effective implementation of core-school curriculum through Anganwadi centres.
  • Ensure Anganwadi teachers understand the various aspects of Early Childhood Care and Education.  
  • Effective partnership with parents and community for the development of children.

School Development Programme (Affordable Private School)

The affordable private schools are the ones who charge less fees. Due to less investment the schools cannot afford to have good quality teachers and hence there is a lack in the progress of students. ACT provides Academic handholding support to these schools for the overall development of the school. ACT works closely with the management, principal, teachers and students. 

Objectives of the programme:

  • Support for preparation of year plans, term plans, implementation of creative strategies, class observations, student programmes, mentoring of teachers.
  • Team building among academic and administrative staff such that motivation and enthusiasm to contribute to the vision is abundant.
  • View the developments and the successes and the scope for improvement and suggest the latest ways and methods to improve so that there is regular progress of the students.

Anganwadi Development Programme

Academy for Creative Teaching Trust, Bengaluru approached DSERT to consider our proposal to train the Government teachers on NEP-2020. New Education Policy has the potential to revamp the skills of the youth of our country and has all the right tools that are needed to be competitive at the global level. DSERT has approved our proposal and has permitted the Academy for Creative Teaching Trust to train 1,49,373 teachers spread across various districts in Karnataka in the next 3 years. 

Objectives of the programme:

  • Educate teachers to understand the aspects of National Education Policy -2020.
  • Ensuring teachers will effectively implement the NEP-2020 in the classroom.
  • Empowering teachers on the foundational literacy and numeracy implementation through training and mentoring.
  • Training teachers on integrating 11th and 12th with the secondary section.
  • Orientation of teachers towards 21st century skills.